What is Social Media Marketing? Check Out 4 Great Guide!

Social media marketing or social media marketing is one of the branches of marketing that is currently being loved.

In short, social media marketing is a marketing method that utilizes social networks as a platform to promote a business.

If you want to learn about the basics of social media marketing, you've come to the right place.

In this article, We shares all the information you need to know about social media marketing, from what social media marketing is to the most effective strategies you can try.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the process of marketing a business, service, or product through social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

But more succinctly, social media marketing is the act of creating content and sharing it via social media to create interaction between a business and its target audience.

According to Neil Patel , a marketing expert , social media marketing is an effort to market products through various social media either organically, paid ( ads ), or through various networking strategies .

The main goal of social media marketing is to build a relationship between a business and its audience through interactive ( engaging ) content.

The higher the engagement of content on social media, the more likely it is that the content will be shared by people.

Currently, social media is dominating the internet with 4.2 billion users worldwide. So, it's only natural that you want to use social media as a marketing channel .

Indonesia itself is estimated to have more than 256 million social media users by 2025.

The reason is, there are also many other businesses that have that thought. Currently, the level of competition in social media marketing is much tighter than the previous 5-10 years.

But with the right strategy, your business will be able to reap the maximum return on investment ( ROI ) from social media marketing.

According to a report from the Central Statistics Agency, 92.5 percent of Indonesians with internet access use social media. From these data, it can be concluded that the demographic reach of social media is very broad.

By forming a good social media marketing strategy , your business can easily reach various target audiences more efficiently.

Apart from increasing marketing efficiency, social media marketing also has several other benefits for businesses. Here are some of them:

1. Increase brand awareness

Introducing your business to your target audience is of course the main goal of your marketing efforts — social media marketing is no exception .

When compared to traditional promotion methods, social media offers an easier and faster way to reach more people.

In other words, you can use social media marketing to reach more people without the need to spend money and time renting advertising spots on television or billboards on protocol roads.

The more often people see your content on social media, the faster brand awareness for your business will be formed.

In addition, using a similar visual style for various social media can also increase brand awareness for your business.

For example, Gojek has accounts for all popular social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok using the same logo to strengthen their company's brand awareness .

Thus, all netizens will be able to recognize the official Gojek account based on the logo and the green-and-white color scheme used.

2. Spark a conversation about your business

A strong social media marketing strategy can create a conversation about your business, product, or brand on the internet.

In general, products that are quite popular will automatically be discussed by netizens. However, there are also some brands that intentionally create viral campaigns to increase the visibility of their products.

Just take as an example the social media marketing strategy from Netflix Indonesia.

Netflix social media account admins are built with witty, flexible, and sometimes annoying personas through content choices, captions , and replies to comments like the example below.

This character will feel more 'human', so it will provoke more interactions such as likes , shares , and comments .

In addition, these characters will also cause conversations about the administrator of the Netflix account on the internet — which will indirectly increase the visibility of the company.

Social listening is an attempt to monitor conversations about a topic in a social context.

This method can help you find out what things are discussed and considered important by the target audience.

With social listening, you will be able to find out the problems your target audience is facing, so you can create content related to solving these problems.

For example, JobStreet Indonesia shares content about tips to avoid boredom at work.

This topic could be the result of social listening which shows that many people complain about boredom while working on social media.

3. Drive traffic to your website or online store

One of the biggest benefits of social media marketing is to increase traffic to your business website .

If your business sells products through a website or online store, then social media marketing can be used to increase traffic to these sites, thereby increasing the chances of transactions.

But getting traffic from social media alone will not be enough to increase sales on your website or online store.

You will still depend on various other marketing strategies to optimize the conversion rate ( CRO ) of visitors to customers.

Various social media also have a feature to embed a link either through the bio or other features such as swipe up from Instagram Stories.

If you don't have a website for your business yet, you can start making one starting from Rp. 20 thousand per month, you know !

4. Improve the quality of customer service

A survey from Microsoft shows that 96 percent of people worldwide think that customer service is an important factor in determining their loyalty to a business / brand .

The same survey also found that around 30 percent of people have used social media to complain to a brand .

Therefore, you can use social media as a customer service channel to increase your customer satisfaction and loyalty.

As technology develops, there are more and more social media options that can be used. However, some social media have different content preferences and user types.

Then, which social media is the most suitable for marketing your business? Check out the explanation below.

1. Instagram

Instagram is a visual-based social media. You will be required to create content with attractive and prominent visual aspects in order to attract the attention of Instagram users.

Therefore, you cannot rely on captions to maximize the reach of your content.

In the context of social media marketing, Instagram is more suitable to be used as a promotional media in visual form such as catalog photos and cinematic videos.

However, Instagram also has various engagement features that you can take advantage of such as Polls and Questions that can be used in Stories.

In addition, you can also activate the IG Shopping feature which is useful for including product details in your posts.

2. Facebook

Currently, Facebook is the social media with the largest number of users worldwide. It's no wonder that more and more companies are choosing to market their business on this platform created by Mark Zuckerberg .

Facebook also offers comprehensive features for businesses such as Facebook Ads, Facebook Pages, and even monetization features for video content like YouTube.

In addition, Facebook also houses two other major platforms , namely Instagram and WhatsApp, which means that the integration features between these three platforms are very good.

3. YouTube

YouTube is a video sharing platform that is also a social media. This Google-owned website has great potential to be used as a content marketing channel with a very long video duration limit.

In addition to marketing products through long videos, YouTube has also recently launched a Shorts feature that you can use to promote your business through short videos.

4. TikTok

Despite being relatively new to the world of social media and video sharing platforms , TikTok is loved by more than 732 million people worldwide.

Although TikTok doesn't have as complete features as other platforms on this list, the development of this application is promising to be used as a social media marketing channel.

TikTok already offers features such as advertising and shoppable videos that you can use to increase product sales directly.

Collaborative methods such as endorsements and product recommendations can also be used as an effective way to promote products considering that there are currently a lot of content creators on TikTok who are developing.

5. Twitter

In the first quarter of 2021, Twitter is used by more than 397 million netizens worldwide.

However , in the context of social media marketing , Twitter is mostly used as a medium for customer service and personal branding development .

This is because the majority of Twitter content is in the form of text and audio, thereby reducing the visual appeal that can trigger engagement.

6. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media for professionals and businesses with a claimed to have more than 775 million users worldwide.

Given that LinkedIn is a platform for professionals and businesses, you should use LinkedIn if your business is B2B (business-to-business).

In general, there are several steps you can apply to form an effective social media marketing strategy . Come on, let's discuss.

1. Form Audience Profile

The first step to forming a good social media marketing strategy is to define your audience profile. Ideally, you need to establish an audience profile that aligns with your product's target buyers.

Audience profile details may vary, but some of the basic information that is usually used to determine the target audience is age range, gender, occupation and interests.

By knowing your audience's profile, you will be able to infer their content tastes which can then be used as a reference for how likely they are to buy the products your business sells.

2. Select the Platform to Be Used

After knowing the audience profile, then you can determine which social media can be used as channels for marketing.

Keep in mind that most social media have their own audience profiles.

For example, Instagram is dominated by users aged 18-35 years while Twitter is dominated by users aged 18-29 .

Make sure you choose the social media used by your target audience to increase the efficiency of your social media marketing strategy.

3. Create Content Your Audience Loves

After knowing the platform to be used, make sure you create content that suits the tastes of the specified target audience.

If most of your target audience uses Instagram, then you can be sure that they prefer visual content such as photos, infographics, or short videos.

If your target audience is on Twitter, then you can prepare content in the form of text and short images to provoke interaction.

In addition to creating the type of content your audience likes, you can also hold giveaways to get new engagement and followers.

4. Schedule Content Publishing Times

In general, the time of publishing content does not have any significance in itself to the performance of the content.

But it's a good idea if you still schedule the publication of your content when the target audience you want to reach is actively using social media.

Uploading content at leisure times such as after work and lunch hours can increase the chances of your content receiving high engagement .

5. Monitor and Respond to Content Interaction

After publishing content, don't forget to monitor all engagements received by the content.

Whether it's like , share , or comment, all engagement can be translated into useful information for planning future posts.

In addition, make sure you also respond to any comments or messages related to your posts.

In this way, your content will be considered to have an active interaction so that social media algorithms will increase its visibility.

6. Evaluation of Content Results

Most social media already have analytics features that can be used to measure the performance of uploaded content.

Information such as the number of views ( views ), likes , and comments can also be used to find out what aspects need to be improved and maintained from your content.

For example, if your video has been viewed by 1,000 people but has only been played 5 times, it's possible that you chose a less curious thumbnail .

Study other engagement information as well so you can maximize results from future posts.

After learning about what social media marketing is , examples, and how to create an effective strategy above, are you ready to start running it for your business?

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