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31. 10. 2020

Reasons Why You Need to Be a Leader and Not a Boss

All people do not define being a boss the same way. There are a number of people who think that being a leader and a boss means the same thing. It is possible for someone to be a boss and not be a leader. With a boss, the subordinates are below him or her and they have to obey him or her. When a person is a leader, he or she works hand in hand with his or her subordinates while leading them. There are some points that make it clear that being a leader is better than being a boss. Some of these points are well articulated below.

The focuses of bosses and leaders are not the same in an organization setting. Most bosses focus on achieving financial strength and making sure that the people under them are under control. On the other hand, a leader focuses on the transformation of an organization as well as the people in there. He or she does this by supporting his or her subordinates as well as looking for ways of improving an organization. Transformation of the stakeholders of an organization as well as the organization at large brings about the achievement of organizational goals.

For a person to be able to achieve his or her visions, he or she needs to be motivated. The things that motivate different people are different. For instance, bosses are motivated to achieve what they want by the set standards if an organization as well as intended results. The motivation of a leader comes from the values he or she cherishes. Set standards and intended results can change and make a boss lose his or her motivation. However, the values that a person cherishes cannot change. There are rare cases of leaders losing their motivation since it comes from the values they cherish and these values rarely change.

It is through looking at the way the seniors in your organization approach work that you will know if the intended goals will be achieved or not. Most are the times when bosses approach work administratively. Such is not good since such an approach does not allow subordinates to contribute an insight. An innovative and collaborative work approach is what is used by leaders when it comes to approaching work. Such is good as it allows employees to take part in this and hence it increases their psych to work. If you are interested in knowing why you need to be a leader and not a boss, read above.

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