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11. 10. 2020

Who is a Guardian Angel.

Since out birth there has been guardian angels of which they always live with us to the day we die. In times of difficulty and oppression we are always guided by the guardian angels of which they will encourage us to be strong and save us from the agony. When we pray and believe it is the guardian angels who listen to the prayers and answers them. With the help from guardian angels all human beings are saved as they are guided to walk in the right path of life. This page will be discussing about guardian angels and why they are beneficial to us.

People have been guided by guardian angels since they were born. This is because guardian angels are spirits and they are not seen in body Guradian angels are powerful creatures that have been very helpful to people. Guardian angels are not born with us rather they have existed since the world was created by our God. These are angels who have been there since before Christ to date. The guardian angels are holy and spiritual as they do not mislead nor insult anyone, rather they are very friendly and helpful in times of trouble.

Did you know that guardian angels are not shared? Well, the truth of the matter is that, guardian angels cannot be shared as everyone has their own. Every human being has their guardian angel of which they are individualized for this is all about nature. In the Christian faith people it is believed that, the work of guardian angels is to guide us to the right path. In most cases, we are always guided by guardian angels to do what we do, but of cause this must be something positive.

Our angels encourage us to do the right things as well as go the right path. We all have guardian angels with us, no matter where we go as they are always with us, to fight for us and to encourage us on what to do and not to do. Guardian angels are there to prevent us from doing the wrong thing. Guardian angels are spirits that can oversee what human beings cannot see.
Long ago, many people believed that, guardian angels do come from the after death life of which that is not true. That is untrue, thing is guardian angels have always been there since God created the world. The dead will always bury the dead that’s why there is no way that the dead can be guardian angels. Guardian angels are spirits that guide us through anytime as we continue living this world.

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