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20. 10. 2020

Overview of Children Anxiety

Anxiety is normal as a response to stressful conditions. Everybody can be affected by anxiety regardless of their class and age. Anxiety is an issue to worry about if it is uncontrollable and frequent. Young people with anxiety are unable to do their daily activities such as going to school. Some of the problems with the children’s anxiety includes low grades, substance abuse, and unable to get the correct social experience.

Anxiety in children is classified into different categories. Generalized anxiety disorder is where the child is anxious on a wide range of issues such as the performance, friends, family, and many more. If the cause of the anxiety is unknown, it is called panic disorder. Young children below the age of seven tend to get the separation anxiety disorder where they are anxious when they are not with their parents or guardians. Another category of the children is those who fear interacting with others; this is called social anxiety disorder.

environmental, family, and biological factors cause anxiety in the children. The child will be more anxious when their excessive production of the neutramstres dopamine and serotonin from the brain; the two are responsible for the anxiety behavior of a person. Like any other medical issue, anxiety can also be passed from the parent to the child. It is necessary to be aware that the anxiety of the child can also be influenced by the behavior of the child. It is vital to note that anxiety can also be triggered by a traumatic experience. Some of these triggers are the family, illness, divorce, and death in the family.

Determination of whether a child is anxious is simple. The symptoms of anxiety are classified as either emotional or physical. When they are anxious, they will have palpitation and increased breathing rate. Sweating, tingling, and shaking is one more sign that you are going to see. The child will feel very tired after the anxiety attack. On the other hand, there are many emotional system toms that you should watch. For example, they will not be willing to go to school. It will be problematic for the child to sleep and relax. They will be unable to focus on whatever they are doing. There are many issues that the child will be fearing.

If you have a child with anxiety, you should make sure that you are calm near them. You should remember that you are the person who they will see help in this time. You should teach the child how they are supposed to reassure themselves and deal with the issue. Teach the child how they can face the situation that they fear. There are books that you can buy for your child to help them deal with the uncertain situation. Positive affirmation, breathing exercise, emotional charts, and though exercise is some of the things, you will find in these books. If the anxiety is too much to control, the medical advice.

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