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20. 8. 2020

Parenting Styles For Children With Autism, ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder

Raising a child with conditions such as autism or ADHD can be considered to be an uphill task for any parent as it will need a deliberate surplus of time, energy, and money on his or her part. This is not to say that the child cannot grow to full his or her full potential; it only means a parent ought to pursue a different approach in order to bring out the best in the child. Here are some helpful pointers that will simplify the raising an autistic or ADHD child to achieve more effective results.

The first thing is to remember to keep a positive mindset and relaxed demeanor yourself as a parent. This keeps you in a healthy state of mind as you try to address issues surrounding your child. The presence of mind and being calm will enable your child to calm down faster and give them a sense of reassurance thus enabling development in their learning process. Keep things in perspective and do not get frustrated with the child after outbursts or inability to follow instructions as you need to bear in mind that their actions are not performed in a bid to exasperate you but instead stem from a condition. This will enable you to avoid discouragement from minor setbacks and instead focus on the progress that the child is making thus enabling you to vocally appreciate your child and provide reassurance. Always bear in mind that conditions such as Autism, ADHD, or Sensory Processing Disorder can be managed and overcome, therefore trust the fact that your efforts coupled up with your children will allow them to change, mature, and succeed.

Next, do not go it alone. It is understood how challenging raising a child with a condition is and how much it can take a toll on you as a parent. Therefore, establish a support system that will cater to both you and your child allowing you to take a break when needed and giving your child as much attention and care as possible despite you not cot constantly watching them. This support system comprises of other family members such as a spouse or relatives, the child’s doctor, therapist, teachers, and last but not least caregivers such as babysitters.

Another pivotal issue is establishing a structured environment for your child and abiding by it religiously. Owing to the short attention span and energy outbursts of autistic children, they are incapable of settling down to accomplish one task at a time by themselves. You absolutely must set clear expectations and rules. Therefore, you need to provide timetables that dictate how every minute of every day is spent; when to wake up, time for different subjects in their learning curriculum, time for breaks, naptime, playtime, mealtime, television time. It is advised that you keep these activities in short manageable periods of time to fully utilize your child’s attention span as well as enable them to understand what is expected of them.

Finally encourage your child to get regular exercise through sports as well as get adequate rest through enough sleep time. This helps increase your child’s attention span and avoid crankiness on their part. Monitor your child’s diet like a hawk, avoiding junk food and fatty sugary foods as well as giving them a daily mineral and vitamin supplement.

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