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6. 10. 2020

Guide Towards Understanding Shame and Guilt

Guilt and shame are two words that you hear and there are some things that you think in your mind. If you look at guilt and shame are two words that looks similar and also tend to go together. If you look at the emotion side the two words might not be same as you might want to think so.

However, it would be essential to know what the two words mean and their main differences. For shame it is more of self-conscious thing that brings out the low self-evaluation and some beliefs that are unpleasant. In shame one might tend to lean on the things that makes him or her feel worthless.

For a person that has some shame issues there are closely linked problems such as eating issues, paranoia, narcissism, anxiety, and the mood swings among many other issues. With shame there is a chance for one to feel defected or inferior which in turn can have some negative consequences. The feeling of shame can be more persistent and deadly at times.

For guilt it can be a feeling of disturbance which is way different from the feeling of shame. One might go through inner torment as a result of doing something that he or she feels that is wrong or immoral.

If you do get the feeling that you have done something tat is not good to another person it builds up to guilt. In the focus of the guilt it is something that brings emotions as a result of realizing that you have wronged someone. Both the shame and guilt are related to negative self-evaluation.

If you go deeper into learning more about shame you will see that there is internal and external shame. From the recent studies about shame there is an evident that both internal and external version do have a great impact in the mental health of a person. The external shame comes from the things outside of self which might link to things like the exposure. What the other people might be saying about a person is something that affects a person externally. When you think that the people do think about negative things about you it can bring more external shame.

The internal shame on the other hand comes from your inner flows. If you have a believe that you are not 100% then you might have some inner issues which might bring issues that can be mental. As shame and guilt can affect your mind it matters to seek help of professionals before things go out of hand as you will get the best methods on how you can deal with your issues.

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